In order to achieve the goal to provide the best of services to our clients, the following methods are adopted by Green Globus

Recruitment: Sourcing of recruit through an industry proven methodology, based on merit and other required credentials such as health parameters, skills sets and IQ’s.

Training: Trained in-house for a minimum of 15 days. Periodic training is undertaken based on OJT for a minimum of 6 months.

Pay: Pay structure conforms to the best in the industry.

Statutory Obligation: All statutory obligations are implemented.

Man power: Adequate man power is available. Round the year recruitment is undertaken to meet exigencies and for reserves.

Mobility: Managers and supervisors with two wheeler / four wheeler and mobile.

Communication: Land line, Mobile and wireless communication.

Control Centre: Control center is manned 24 hrs, to deal with emergencies and exigencies.